LEOBOG Hi75: A Thoughtfully Designed Keyboard for Gamers and Professional

LEOBOG Hi75: A Thoughtfully Designed Keyboard for Gamers and Professional

Innovative One-Click Knob for Effortless Mode Switching
The Hi75 features a unique, user-friendly knob on its frame. This design allows you to effortlessly switch between sound and light effects with a single click, offering an immersive RGB experience. The knob's functionality includes mode switching, adjusting lighting effects, and controlling volume or brightness, catering to the diverse needs of all users.

Space-Saving yet Feature-Packed Layout
With its compact 81-key layout, the Hi75 provides an efficient use of desk space, saving about 25% more area than traditional keyboards. This design maintains the essential keyboard functions while embracing a minimalist aesthetic, striking a balance between functionality and simplicity.

Customization Made Easy with Full-Key Hot-Swapping
The Hi75 supports full-key hot swapping, a feature that simplifies customization. This functionality, compatible with 3/5 pin switches, opens up possibilities for personalization, making the keyboard adaptable to individual preferences.

High-Performance Gaming Chip
Embedded in the Hi75 is a gaming-grade chip with a 1000hz polling rate, ensuring precise and responsive key registration. This feature enhances the user experience for both gamers and office professionals, providing stability and reliability.

Enhanced Typing Experience
The Hi75 boasts a Gasket structural design that offers a precise key feel without the need for rigid screws. Combined with Poron gaskets and sound-absorbing cotton, the keyboard significantly reduces noise, creating a quieter and more enjoyable typing experience. Additionally, the PCB and plate are designed with flexcut, complemented by factory-lubricated stabilizers for a distinctively smooth and “thocky” typing experience.

Durable and Elegant Design
Constructed with an all-aluminum alloy case and finished with a fine powder coating, the Hi75 not only promises durability but also showcases an elegant appearance. The astronaut-themed metal nameplate adds a unique touch, making the Hi75 a practical yet stylish addition to any desk.

User-Friendly Plug and Play Experience
The Hi75 is equipped with a Type-C interface and a retractable spring data cable, facilitating an easy plug-and-play experience. This feature is designed to be convenient for both new users and keyboard enthusiasts, ensuring a seamless setup right out of the box.

Availability and Pricing
The LEOBOG Hi75 Kit is available on the LEOBOG official website for $69.00, offering various color options at the same price.
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